Why Is Aeration Necessary?

Benefits of Aeration

Enhances soil water uptake and use immediately. Improves fertilizer uptake and use within 7 to 10 days. Improves turfgrass rooting within 2 to 3 weeks.

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We offer all lawn maitenance services including fertilization, aeration, over seeding, mowing, grub control, weed control, gypsum and calcium applications.

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Our Granular Fertilization Process

  • March

    Granular fertilizer. Pre-emergence for crabgrass, foxtail and spurge control. Spot spray weed control.

  • April

    Granular fertilizer. Spot spray weed control.

  • May

    Granular fertilizer with potassium, phosphorus and sulfur. Spot spray weed control.

  • June

    Granular slow release fertilizer with micro-nutrients. Spot spray weed control.

  • July

    Spray nutsedge, treat broad leaf weeds and apply granular slow release fertilizer.

  • August

    Granular slow release fertilizer with insecticide to control grubs and sod web-worm. Spot spray weed control.

  • September

    Granular slow release fertilizer, designed to develop strong root system. Spot spray weed control.

  • October

    Winter fertilizer and spot spray weed control.

Cost per application


4,000 Sq. Ft.


5,000 Sq. Ft.


6,000 Sq. Ft.


7,000 Sq. Ft.